hey good people of the internet. welcome.
my name is aneta and i like avocados
send some to my e-mail anetacamova@gmail.com
or not.
it was nice to meet you
Eastern Europe

w/here i grew up.

Take a walk with me to the edge of the worl.., I mean Europe. Sorry
housing systems // suburbanisation

w/here i grew up.

Serie of illustrations inspired by my childhood landscape.
things that were left in empty space

Few illustration that I did not categorise

Because I do not like categorisation. And I love to watch space documentaries
oh those kids today

meet my imaginary friends

They sleep a lot and have various hobbies, some are more real than the others. but who knows whats real, right. What if I just want to sell you an insurance?
graphic design
few of my recent / favourite graphic design I did in past two years. Wanna see more, visit my Behance or my portfolio at behance!
as the time passed by I became introduced into coding HTML and CSS, learned some basics how to do programming and for a while I had ended up working as a front end developer surrounded by IT guys who are really into it. Its (was) fun and unexpected, but here I am. Currently in Aarhus studying my masters in the Digital Science. Hey! I made some websites, you can visit

Those two are my the most recent works/cooperations

In case you might want to hire me and you are still hesitating, theres my CV.

I am open to all kinds of cooperations, including a marriage proposals. I also worked as a riksha driver/fresh bar tender/interpreted during the heart operation and so. now I am kind of freelancing in Aarhus, Denmark. Its very windy here!
Thats all.
thanks for visit
if you are intrested, see more down here
or contact me right away!
save your time

safe way home